At Young Law Scholar , we believe in the importance of promoting the students’ voice. There are many organisations and individuals who share our views also. Below we have created a list of some of the individuals and organisations we believe are doing amazing things and changing the lives of so many young people.

We are pleased to present…




” Equity is an innovative positive-action talent and professional development programme for home-BAME students at UWE Bristol.  It was launched in FBL at the University’s annual Link event in October 2017 which attracted approximately 300 students and professionals.  Its principal objectives are the improvement of graduate outcomes specifically in terms of increasing professional employment and self-employment rates as well as supporting them to aim for careers which offer promising earning potential.  Equity days take place once a month and include race and identity coaching and workshops entirely facilitated by external BAME professionals and entrepreneurs. Each Equity day concludes with a keynote speaker that reflects the best of British BAME talent.  (Equity Curator Dr Zainab Khan and Race Equality Programmes Officer Alex Mormoris are both based within the faculty of Business and Law, any queries should be addressed to raceequality@uwe.ac.uk you can also follow the programme on Twitter @Bristol_Equity )”



  • Elias Williams | MANDEM


“As men of colour we need to understand the importance of standing up for women of colour, just as they’ve continually seen the importance of standing up for us in times of hardship. As a man, I know how liberating it can feel when a woman stands up for the struggles of men. We need to do the same for the women in our lives. As I mentioned earlier, women inspired this, not men. Women of colour have been last in the running for a long time and I can’t for a minute begin to compare our struggle with theirs. Although men of colour have their own struggles, one of the most crucial things that we have to learn is that patriarchal society benefits us every day in ways that we won’t always detect. MANDEM takes inspiration from young women of colour and we will always be readily available to offer them our support. I hope that we can work with them in the future to help strengthen some of the relationships that exist between us.”




  • Liv Little | GAL-DEM


“gal-dem was founded by Liv Little who, frustrated with the lack of diversity at Bristol University, wanted to reach out to women of colour like herself. The team began to grow and we now have editors, contributors and illustrators who come from all walks of life. We are ready to provide you with thought-provoking content, eye-catching visuals and an abundance of giggles.

The aim of gal-dem is to open up our take on the world to a wider audience. We want people from all backgrounds to engage with the work we are doing. It’s no secret that the mainstream media doesn’t represent or reflect us, so we are doing it for ourselves.”




” Born out of a partnership between Bristol Youth Links and Watershed, Rife magazine is a new magazine for young people, written by young people. Covering film, music, art, culture, social issues and politics, Rife is everywhere covering everything Bristol has to offer its young people through all your favourite channels, like YouTubeTwitterFacebookInstagramblogsVines and more.

We’re always on the hunt for content creators, vloggers, bloggers, filmmakers, photographers, and designers to join our team. You can get involved too by creating content for us.”




  • Venandah Madanhi | Talk About UK


Talk About is an online community of Contributors who share various content ranging from vlogs with sector-specific specialists, Q&A’s with academics and jargon busters all the way to written articles about careers and insights into emerging technology. It focuses on building the UK’s largest current affairs network of young people aged between 16-25 who have an interest in politics, technology, finance, the environment, health and the world of business.

Talk About aims to make current affairs more accessible and increase career aspirations for young people who come from disadvantaged households and communities. In light of this, Talk About hosts Live Debates and events at universities and sixth forms as well as corporate organisations to making the complex simple.



  • Kamina Walton | Rising Arts Agency


We’re using arts and culture to affect social change in Bristol.

If you’ve ever dreamt of making a career in the arts, then Rising’s for you. We support 16-25 year-olds with creative ambitions to achieve their goals, particularly those that face barriers or are underrepresented in the arts and culture world.

We also fight for better inclusion and access to the arts, and systemic change to the way the sector is run.

We can offer you professional mentoring with artists and people working in creative industries, as well as networking, platforms to showcase your work, commissioning opportunities and creative leadership training.


  • Chanté Joseph | Bristol is the New Black



” Bristol is the New Black was previously an O2 sponsored initiative raising awareness of the black people who are shaping life and culture in Bristol. This may be through campaigning, art, business, or just generally being an interesting person. BITNB seeks to promote and connect these individuals and their narratives to a wider community of inspiring black people in Bristol.

To the surprise of many, only 51 home black students graduated from Bristol University in 2015, and though many factors may have contributed to this, we feel that the systematic lack of support and absence of a close-knit community plays a key role.

In 2017 the platform sits under the remit of the Black and Minoirty Ethnic officers at the University of Bristol and allows them to equip black students at Bristol with the skills, space and opportunities to creatively tell their own stories and control their unique narratives.”