Why Students Should Create Content on Linkedin…

What is content?

Content refers to information and experiences shared in a multimedia format which is created for a specific audience to inform , educate and inspire. Some synonyms for the term are: subject , theme and message.

LinkedIn, once solely a social network for professionals has, become a platform for public resume crafting, business recruiting and engaging content. With over 500 million users currently using the platform, it is essential that we as students are among those who are creating weekly and insightful content on the platform. There are many different types of content available on LinkedIn such as videos, blog posts, and images – all related to the professional world.

LinkedIn Video is a common phrase you may hear on the platform. Quite recently there has been a rapid rise in the number of videos created by professionals. However, it is quite rare to see any students aged 18-24 making such videos on the platform or creating blogs. This needs to change. Students need to motivate other students. Paths to success need to be nurtured and, the act of students supporting other students is definitely a key factor in doing this. These videos need not be too long but must be educative and personal. It is fine to tell people what your message is however, it is more appealing when your message is honed to your personality and is genuine. There is no particular way in which you should make videos but it is advantageous to create videos with clear themes and outline what your main points are. Subtitles are something to consider also to make your video accessible to all.

Blogs and articles are the bread and butter of LinkedIn and are the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to begin creating content. At first, creating articles may seem quite daunting for anyone who is a novice to doing so.But with practice, those who do take the bold step of creating content are sure to the reap the benefits of doing so. You can write articles and blogs on any topic you choose as long as you are genuinely interested in it and believe that others will be too. Some of the incentives for creating content are as follows.

Firstly, on a platform like LinkedIn, people are more than willing to read new interesting stories of people striving for success. Therefore if you are someone who has an interesting story to tell about how hard you are working towards your ambitions – then you are well on your way. Secondly, by sharing content you have demonstrated that you are an active member in your field of work and everyone admires a hard-working individual who goes out of their way for others.

As a content creator you are sharing for the benefit of others and networking is essentially why the platform was created in the first place. Your consistency of creating content is sure to positively correlate with the number of contacts you will be able to make. And with more contact comes more engagement with your posts. Networking opens the door to the possibility of collaboration. As amazing as it is to create content of your own, it is even more so when you work with others to do so. Teamwork is a key skill, especially in a work environment. Collaborating on content creations allows you not only to meet many more people but also allows you to improve your ability to communicate in a professional manner and your ability to lead tasks.

LinkedIn allows people to showcase their many qualifications and success thus far. What better way to promote yourself and your achievements by discussing how you arrived at where you are now.  This serves as an opportunity for you to discover other perspectives on your works which will allow you to also reflect on how far you have come. There are many successful and influential individuals on the platform and there is no harm in reaching out to those people to show them what you have done or are doing. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion as everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and grow.

I understand that not all students are willing to put themselves out there and at the mercy of the countless number of successful people. However, I believe that by overcoming this, students will inspire other students to at least consider the benefits of creating content and how much it can boost their chances of success in the future. After all, we will never know how much we can truly achieve until we try.

Be sure to keep up to date with the various hashtags currently being used by content creators on LinkedIn such as ‘#LinkedInCreators , #LinkedInStudents , #StudentVoices , #StudentsofLinkedIn and etc. The reason for this is because you will be able to see the current growth of student creators on the platform and will hopefully get a feel for what is to come in the future from students on LinkedIn – I am especially hopeful that students will be very united on the platform and collaborate on making inspiring and engaging content.

” You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

~ Wayne Gretzky

Canadian Form Professional Ice-Hockey Player and Coach

 College Commencement | Picture by  VIA Agency © Creative Commons

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